Developing and Empowering Leaders

It’s What We’re All About

As you study the life of Jesus, you see the time he invested in his disciples and the way in which he prepared them for ministry. You read similar examples of mentoring and empowerment in the relationships of Paul and Timothy, Elijah and Elisha and many others throughout the Bible. Mentoring is a tried and proven process for preparing a young person for leadership.

Youth for Christ seeks young leaders are characterised by:

  • Godliness in lifestyle
  • Devotion to the Word of God and prayer
  • Boldness in evangelism
  • Commitment to social involvement

and are

  •  18-30 years of age
  • Already involved in Youth for Christ and have a proven track record in ministry leadership
  • Have the potential to take on key leadership roles in national ministry

Willing to Support a Young Leader?

We would love for you to consider supporting Young Leaders by financially supporting them. We are so excited for the things God is doing with Young Leaders around the World. Click here if you’d like to make a contribution to Young Leaders.